The Women's Organisation of the Swedish People's Party in Finland

Vasa svenska kvinnoklubb is a local committee within The Women's Organisation of the Swedish People's Party in Finland, Svenska Kvinnoförbundet ( At present Vasa svenska kvinnoklubb has 221 members.

We are a liberal feminist organisation working for gender equality in Finland. The goal of our feminist politics is a society free from violence, discrimination, sexism and racism, a society where human rights are respected and gender does not limit our choices and opportunities. We need feminist perspectives in all areas of politics. The feminist work for change must be done through legislation against different forms of discrimination, as well as through actions that change normative structures and attitudes.

Svenska Kvinnoförbundet is a member organisation of The Swedish People's Party in Finland.


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Membership in Svenska Kvinnoförbundet, which also includes membership in Vasa svenska kvinnoklubb, is a statement in favour of gender equality. By joining us you support our work to build a society where women participate at all levels and areas of decision-making.

You can become a member by filling out this form. As a member, you will receive news about us and get invitations to seminars and events. The membership fee is currently 10 euros per year.


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County Elections 2022

The city of Vaasa’s social welfare and healthcare services will be transferred to a joint municipal authority, the Ostrobothnian Consortium of Municipalities for Regional Welfare, on 1 January 2022.

The services of Regional Welfare and The Rescue Department of Ostrobothnia will be taken over by the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia as from 1 January 2023.

In county elections, 59 county councillors and their deputies will be elected to the council of the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia.

Election day for the county elections is 23 January 2022, and advance voting takes place during the period 12 – 18 January 2022. Election results will be confirmed on 26 January 2022, and the councils start working on 1 March, 2022. Election results will be published on

Further information on this subject: City of Vaasa's web pages.

Below you'll find our candidates in the elections, i.e. candidates who are members of Vasa svenska kvinnoklubb:


The Women's Christmas Fair, December 6, 2019

We are organizing the traditional Christmas market on Finland's Independence Day, 6th December, at 10.00 - 15.00. Venue: Vamia vocational institute, Ruutikellarintie 2, Vaasa.

If you are looking for high-quality handicraft, Christmas presents or regional food products, this market will come in quite handy.

You can also treat yourself to christmas porridge and coffee/tee with salty or sweet pastry in the café. Please note, however, that we take only cash payments in the café.

You're welcome to join us!


Finnish parliamentary elections 14th April, 2019

Equal parental leave, gender equal health care and ending violence against women and girls. These are the top three issues for the Women's Organisation of the Swedish People's Party in Finland in the upcoming parliamentary elections. We are ready to implement the liberal reforms that Finland needs in order to achieve gender equality.

Efforts for gender equality must be prioritised in all politics. We call for a society free from violence, sexism and racism, where human rights are respected and gender stereotypes don't limit anyone's opportunities or life choices. 

During the next four-year term we call for a reform of the parental leave system following the 6+6+6 model, resources for promoting young people's mental health and an overall reform of the Transgender Act in order to secure human rights for transgender people. 

Together we are building a society, where

  • everyone has a right to feel safe
  • the parental leave system encourages fathers to take parental leave
  • equal access to health care is a basic right